To All People who are living in Chickasaw Trails Subdivision

Look what I found on their Facebook account

“Chickasaw Trails HOA
June 9 ·
Remember, any alterations to the outside of your home require approval from the ARC prior to starting work. You can obtain an application from the community website or by contacting the management company. Getting approval will save you a lot of headaches and money if your request is denied and you have to remove or re-do your hard work”

Wow, I can’t believe that all you guys are currently living in the United of America, a freedom country. I thought you guys are living in a thirteenth world country.

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  1. A Neighbor from Chickasaw Trails Subdivision /

    Their website has never worked. They charged money to all people accounts every year but it’s useless.

  2. Chickasaw Trails Subdivision Website /

    It’s worst than a six (6) grade student done it. If we allow kids creating websites, they did better than it. I mean elementary kids.

  3. Talk 4 Elderly Owner at Chickasaw Trails Subdivision /

    @about the website

    That is unfair to elderly owners. Most of them don’t even know how to use the internet or have no glue the stuffs on the web. But they have to pay this fee every year.

    As far as I known, Many of them purchased the properties there since brand new for their retiring and now they are in 60’s, 70’s, 80’s…

  4. Nancy K /

    @Talk 4 Elderly Owner at Chickasaw Trails Subdivision
    @about the website

    It’s also not fair to Non-English speaker or English limited.

  5. shame on you /

    Who are they telling homeowners what to do
    allow or not
    approve or not

    Hell no.

  6. never get alone with hoa/property management /


  7. cindy /


  8. btb /

    Take a trike, get rid of them.

  9. btb /

    benefit for property management and lawyer.

    if you have extra money, please just help poor people, don’t throw your money to property management, especially lawyer.

  10. btb /

    if there is student loan forgiveness, please don’t forgive lawyers.

  11. Sad /

    sad for US

  12. rosie /

    Do you still live in Chickasaw trails? we are in phase 1 and are having issues can you or anyone reading this having issues with the HOA contact me. 4.27.2020

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