Chickasaw Trail – Shopping Centers

As of today, November 5, 2017, Chickasaw Trail has 4 biggest shopping centers at the busy traffic intersections.

Let’s start from Colonial Drive down to Lee Vista Boulevard.

The shopping center at the intersection of Chickasaw Trail and Colonial Drive is not big likes others down of Chickasaw Trail, but recently, there is a big gas station convenience store chain adding there and some vehicle dealers were added nearby bring this intersection lives again after many years of boring.

Next is the shopping center at the intersection of Chickasaw Trail and Lake Underhill Drive.  Here, it’s seem to be a biggest and busiest shopping center now and in the future because, recent years, the hospital expanded and made over, many retail stores popped up and many more.  It’s also closed to Goldenrod shopping center which closes to the entrance and exit of 408 (East West Expressway).  Oh, there is a beautiful and brand new entrance to and exit from 408 on Chickasaw Trail, right next to the hospital, too.

Now, let’s go down the south of Chickasaw Trail, after passing many big houses on the large lots and million dollars house subdivision, another shopping center of Chickasaw Trail is on the corner of Chickasaw Trail and Curry Ford which closes to a brand new Neighborhood Walmart on the intersection of Curry Ford and Econlockhatchee Trail.

Don’t stop there, there is one more shopping center which was just added in 2000s at the corner of Chickasaw Trail and Lee Vista Boulevard.  Back then, this place was a wooded area because Chickasaw Trail was cut off right after Chickasaw Oak subdivision.  If you had once drove down there, you reached the stop board and deadened sites and you had to turn around because there was no way to drive through there.  In 2000s, there many subdivisions popped up at the corner of Chickasaw Trail and Lee Vista Blvd, then this road was extended down there.  Before reaching this shopping center, we must pass a large lake (nature or handmade? I don’t know) on the left side where we can view the back of many houses.  Then we pass a 5 floor-condominium and a townhouse on the left and two large subdivisions and a elementary school on the right.  This shopping center is not big; it lies on the left side of Chickasaw Trail but it’s closed to a big shopping center on the intersection of Lee Vista Blvd and Narcoossee Road and many future shopping centers, government offices and many more along the sides of Lee Vista Blvd to Semoran Blvd.

That’s it.  That many shopping centers are on the largest section of Chickasaw Trail.