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Re: Issues with new chromebook that broke and unable to get resolved.

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  1. Guk22 /

    This is a qote from Guk22 said
    “Re: Issues with new chromebook that broke and unable to get resolved.
    ‎04-14-2015 08:32 AM

    I too have a similar situation. Sorry, a bit long winded!

    I purchased an HP laptop bundle as a gift for my daughter. I got it home and decided to set it up, charge it and make sure she could use it immediately. First thing I did was plug it in, the charging port seemed a little loose. It was charging so I thought it was just the model.

    A few days later she opened the gift and started to use it. All went well until a few days later when the battery was getting low and she asked me for the charger. I pulled it out of the box and tried to plug it in. Nothing, it wouldn’t charge and the jack kept falling out. I thought, no problem… it is Best Buy, I am a loyal customer and they stand behind their products and they will make it right. Especially since we only had the unit about 9 days.

    I called BB and spoke with CSR and they told me no problem, bring it in and we’ll swap it out. I got there and explained what happened. The CSR brought it to Geek Squad and instructed me to go talk to them. The agent there insisted that I mis-used the computer and I broke the jack. I tried to explain what happened… he all but called me a liar to my face! I was very angry at this point, I figured that I would just return it. They told me that they would not exchange or refund damage goods.

    I left the store and called corporate customer service. They listed and called the store hoping to find a resolution. The manager said he spoke to the agent and the jack was clearly broken and was broken by me. I asked if it was possible the someone had used the computer and returned it? Is it possible that HP is able to ship millions of computers with zero defects??? Corporate suggested that I contact HP and ask them about the situation. After a very long discussion with HP, they are going to repair the machine under warranty (not typical).

    I was once one of the biggest BB fans and supporters! This experience has left a bitter, bitter taste.

    Thanks for providing a forum for me to vent my frustration!”

  2. Tasha-BBY /

    and here is what BestBuy (Social Media Specialist Tasha-BBY) replied to Guk22

    “….Within the 15 day Return & Exchange Promise, we should be able to exchange most items that you are not satisfied with. However, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of items that are considered damaged….”

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