Petition to Congress: Dissolve HOA’s Nationwide

  1. “HOA’s are just another way for more control over free Americans and they need to be dissolved.”
  2. “HOA’s have become dictators telling people when they can have…”
  3. “HOA’s have long been taking advantage of the American people and their dream to own a home…”
  4. “homeowners are trying to do things to increase interest in their homes and an HOA is a turn off to new homebuyers.”

“Because Of All The Rules.”

1,204 letters sent so far as today

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  1. No one like HOA /

    all HOAs are unconstitutional and contradict the very personal freedoms that law-abiding American citizens have fought to protect.

  2. HOAs cause problems for US housing market /

    HOA’s are a terrible idea…
    HOA’s should be dissolved as they interfere with homeowners rights…
    HOA’s are corrupt and the people in charge bend members to their will by threatening with leans against property and legal actions.
    they are all corrupt and not correctable…
    HOAS are unconstitutional
    They most definitely take away one’s pursuit of happiness…
    charge exorbitant fees and provide little in return.
    HOAs do is put money in to management company pockets
    Hoa operates illegally anyway.
    How is there liberty and justice for all?
    Please dissolve all HOAs nationwide as unconstitutional entities.
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  3. Jammie /

    Hate your homeowners association?
    As more Americans live in privately owned communities, more lawsuits arise.

  4. Jammie /
  5. ytj /

    Some don’t even allow satellite dish antennas.
    They can have the power to foreclose…
    details of the HOA bothering the homeowners

  6. nancy /

    HOAs are annoying.

    grass one inch too high
    trash cans left out an extra day
    paint fading a little bit

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