To Mr. J.M. on B.C. about your roof is always stained to your Chickasaw Trails HOA.

Quote from Mr. J.M. from Facebook,
“J. M.
June 20 at 9:38am
from xxxx black creek regarding stained roof and gutters I spent 3 days on my roof pressure washing I would like someone to come over and show me what the problem is this was done April”

Mr. JM, you are not alone. They did it to a lot homeowners. They keep sending a letter of violation, then the person from Alpha Association Management LLC*** names Shawn Thornton will send you to lawyer Nicolette A. Kramer at The Association Law Firm, PLLC. Then, she’ll bills you $100’s, then $300’s, then $500’s if you haven’t pay yet. When they bill you 500’s including the word “FINAL” and message saying that they’re going to charge interest and lien your house.

That’s how they are doing right now.

*** Before was Vista Community Association Management and from Feb. this year was move to Alpha Association Management LLC. We don’t know why moving from Vista Community Association Management to Alpha Association Management LLC and who made decision of this transition.
*** $500’s, I mean $500 something.

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  1. Joe /

    Why doesn’t the whole community get together, hire a law firm willing to take them on. At the end a judge’s ruling is really FINAL. Get rid of this HOA.

  2. rosie /

    Still live in Chickasaw trails? we are in phase 1 and are having issues can you or anyone reading this having issues with the HOA contact me. 4.27.2020. We are willing to help start a petition to get this done.

  3. Crystal A /

    Hi Rosie,

    They attack us since 2000, heavy attack started 2009 until 2020. Finally, they brought us to court, hearing, meditation… They are nasty. At the meditation, We’re unbelievable that we have been living in the place and let these people control our subdivision financial and tell us what to do. They look and treat us like their enemy, must kill, must kill… type. Their personal appearances are unreliable. If we know what we would deal and the state of Florida allows these type of people taking care our community… we don’t buy the house in the community having HOA or we move out long ago.

    As I know, almost every house in this community has a problem(s) with them unless the homeowner is the board member. Some chose to pay as they told to pay so they can live peace for a little longer. Some chose to move out right before HOA press the charge because these homeowners had experience/know well about HOA, only minority and/or elderly homeowners stay because elderly just want to settle down to live whatever time they have left and they have never known how nasty HOA board members are because they thought here is the United of States of America which won’t/never have such a thing happens.

  4. Joe Miller /


  5. Joe Miller /

    Notice#: 491343
    Date: 2021-02-24

  6. Paul Denikin /


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