Does anyone know who is the board members?

I lived in Chickasaw Trails subdivision but I don’t really know who are the board members and volunteers because I have very important matter need to talk to them. I don’t have time to go to the meeting.

Please let’s me know who is the board members (directors, volunteers,…)

Name, last name, phone numbers and their positions.

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  1. Chickasaw Trails Subdivision Friend /

    Hey, I just checked on their Facebook, someone asked about this and they got no answer. Everything people ask, they refer to the management.

    It’s seem there is something wrong there because so far we have no glue who are the board members… but every house gets a letter of warning of violation. As I know there are some owners received final letters before going to lien their houses for something which they had never violated. They don’t know where to turn to… A lot people get mad right now.

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